Sweet Potato Crisps with Cheese and Jalapeno 12x40g

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GLUTEN FREE – Suitable for Celiacs
VEGGIE – Suitable for Vegetarian
Made with Natural Ingredients





Not only is sweet potato one of the most nutritious treats the vegetable kingdom has to offer. It also tastes incredible if you add a little heat! So we’ve made these sweet potato crisps thoughtfully spicy. In fact, they’re flaming delicious (cheesy, we know). All thanks to the addition of jalapeno, a classic sprinkle of cheese and smoked paprika. Judges at the Guild of Fine Food prestigious Great Taste Awards 2013 and 2016 granted us a sought after Gold Star for this fiery combo! Hot stuff and we’re not afraid to flaunt it!

12 bags of Sweet Potato Crisps with Cheese and Jalapeno
Each bag contains 40g of crisps.

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