The vegetable crisps that are changing the snacking experience. We use only the best natural ingredients to create our delicious vegetable crisps. 

Parsnip Crisps with Manuka Honey

Our Parsnip Crisps are high in fibre and huge in flavour with a touch of spice, making these fresh, natural crisps, quite simply, the bee’s knees!

Sweet Potato Crisps with Cheese and Jalapeno

Not only is the sweet potato one of the most nutritious treats the vegetable kingdom has to offer – it also tastes incredible if you add a little heat! So we’ve made these crisps thoughtfully spicy. In fact, they’re flaming delicious (cheesy, we know).

Beetroot Crisps with Horseradish and Dill

Beetroot is the cool kid on the block. It’s super versatile and each packet is ready to prove that your beetroot shouldn’t be served raw, juiced, boiled, steamed or pickled – it should be served with a tasty crunch! 


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